Data Governance

Data quality and security to the Max

Data Governance

Data quality and security to the Max

Out-of-control data can trample your business.

You need data to make smart decisions for your enterprise. But with so much of it flooding your systems, how can you know what’s useful and that you’re using it safely and securely?

To rein in wild data, you need a firm hand. Data governance works to control and secure data, assess its quality, and make it available only to those who need it. Your information’s security, privacy, and integrity assured, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence–and gain the edge over your competitors.

TechnoMax’s expert consultants get data governance right the first time, every time. We’ll:

· Tailor your program based on the needs of your organization
· Help you choose the right technologies
· Customizations
· Work with you from program launch through maintenance and monitoring
· Ensure your compliance with laws and frameworks

Ungoverned data helps no one–except your competition.

Data has enormous power to boost your business. Governance harnesses that power while ensuring your compliance with privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR. Contact us today to get control of your information, and start using your data powers for good.

Services We Offer

  • Building Strategy

    Defining your policies, workflows and processes

  • Policies & Procedures

    Laying the groundwork for your data governance program

  • Workflow Management

    Empowering rule-based workflow for appropriate data

  • Metadata Management

    Safeguarding reliable metadata at its source

  • Security & Privacy

    Ensuring role-based access to data with encryption

  • Data Quality

    Protecting and ensuring your enterprise is making decisions based on clean data

Data governance core processes:

  • Discovering data
  • Documenting its definitions, policies, standards, processes, and ownership, and analyzing dependent processes
  • Applying governance policies, business rules, and stewardship
  • Measuring and monitoring the results, preferably in real time

Data Governance Features

We’ll help you document your data sets and data flow, then classify your data so it’s handled efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

We’ll work with you to create a business glossary that defines the terms and concepts your enterprise uses. Having a standard language helps ensure your regulatory compliance and improves communication.

Using your metadata, data governance policies and automated compliance processes, we’ll build an indexed inventory of data assets that includes lineage information, search functions, and techniques for collaboration.

Data 911: When To Call

If you’re dealing with any of these data governance challenges, call TechnoMax for immediate assistance:

  • Master data integrity and harmonization
  • Contradictory results and insights from data disparately sourced data
  • Master data amendments required by niche markets and regulatory systems
  • Cleaning up your data process manual
  • Information security and access control

UData Governance: Business Benefits

  • Reduces your data management costs overall
  • Improves your regulatory processes and procedures
  • Adds value to your enterprise data
  • Enhances data quality and tracking
  • Enables standardization of your data systems, policies and processes, and standards
  • Eases problem solving regarding past and current data
  • Helps you to understand where your data is coming from
  • Improves transparency of every data-related activity