Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Minimize Risk, Maximize Value

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Minimize Risk, Maximize Value

Risk and compliance management to the Max

The digital world is full of risks: ransomware, DDoS attacks; insider threats. But the biggest risk to your enterprise may be non-compliance. The bar rises higher with each new law and revision. How can you keep up? Should you fail, penalties are harsh—and could hurt your business.

TechnoMax has the governance, risk management, and compliance answers you need.

Our experts know which tools and technologies can best keep your enterprise secure and compliant, on your timeline and budget. We’ll help you choose the right software for your needs, then build you an end-to-end GRC platform using top-of-the-line automated solutions including RSA Archer and ServiceNow. Our one-stop GRC shop includes

· Development
· Upgrades
· Customizations
· New Applications/Modules
· Testing
· Maintenance
· Support

TechnoMax’s GRC Enablement Services maximizes governance, risk, and compliance management with minimal work or worry from you. Isn’t it time to take your GRC program to the Max?

What We Do

  • Policy management
  • Third party/supplier risk management
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Audits and inspection management
  • Automated compliance management
  • Ongoing monitoring of business processes
  • Document and information management, including version control, audit trail and archiving
  • Incident management, including root cause analysis and corrective action (CAPA) tools
  • Access and privilege control
  • Reporting tools

Our end-to-end process provides you with a comprehensive, highly effective, integrated risk mitigation strategy, enterprise-wide.

Our risk-based approach evaluates all your control systems, identifying and prioritizing your compliance and internal governance processes so your auditors can

  • Control audit functions & lifecycle
  • Work with risk and compliance teams
  • Develop effective audit reports

We understand that vendor risk is also your risk. We’ll help you

  • Document existing and prospective vendor relationships
  • Assess contract risks, finances, and inherent and residual third-party risks
  • Monitor vendor performance, risk and compliance

Risk-taking can be good for business: without it, we couldn’t innovate. Our advanced approach balances the potential costs of risk with its benefits, helping your “first line of defense,” i.e. end users and business unit workers, to

  • Recognize and evaluate risk, and accept it in some cases
  • Identify and react effectively to failure events
  • Track main risk indicators
  • Coordinate day-to-day activities, problems and remediation strategies, acting as a focal point for your organization’s risk management system

Keeping critical business functions working should be a top priority for every enterprise. We can help you identify and map your vulnerabilities, manage routine events, and develop and review company continuity and IT recovery strategies. This module:

  • Fosters a comprehensive, strategic approach to risk management
  • Connects crisis management with business continuity system-wide

We’ll ensure you stay apprised of, and compliant with, regulations and industry standards, understand the effects on your bottom line and market, and develop a reliable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance system.

  • Take control of regulatory requirements
  • Address compliance consistently
  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations

We’ll help you

  • Set and communicate IT and security policies and standards
  • Detect and respond to cyberattacks
  • Identify and remedy deficiencies in security and IT controls
  • Establish clear IT risk management practice
  • Implement Information Security Risk Management
  • Comply with IT and security frameworks (ISO, NIST, SOC)
  • Comply with privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA)

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We work on two shores to minimize your investment while providing immediate returns.

Road Map

Our experts will lead you on the best route to your stellar GRC program.

Rapid Start

We’ll kickstart your projects in hours, not days or weeks.

TMX’s consultants specialize in being smart, sharp, and fast. We’re self-starters, getting to work on your projects without hand-holding from you. We’re also budget-conscious, and will help reduce your costs—minimizing your risks and maximizing your GRC value. Why not contact us now for a free consultation?

  • Secure a robust corporate sponsorship
  • Establish a centralized GRC solution team
  • Build an approach with all the combined features of GRC.
  • Centralized on one business GRC software provider
  • Define Strategy and Goals
  • Capture Current State
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Deliver Business Value
  • Define Future State